Asked on Mar 22, 2019

Can curtain brackets be glued to the rim of the windows?

V SmithLynn SorrellCynthia H


Can they be glued to trim of the Windows

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  • Deanna Nassar
    Deanna Nassar
    on Mar 22, 2019

    I'm not sure if glue would be strong enough to hold weight of curtains. If you use for light weight curtains it may work. If you are using drapes which are heavy you should stick with the nails or screws.

    If you are in an apartment and worry about your can fill holes with plain white toothpaste.

  • Cynthia H
    Cynthia H
    on Mar 22, 2019

    You would be better off using Command Hooks or Command Strips. Just make sure not to exceed the weight limit.

  • Lynn Sorrell
    Lynn Sorrell
    on Mar 23, 2019

    yes you can just depends what kind of glue you use if it will stick/stay/hold weight of curtains

  • V Smith
    V Smith
    on Mar 23, 2019

    Better than glueing are the brackets that go over the upper corners of your trim. There are brackets that hold standard curtain rods (double or single) and those that will hold a bar. They tap into place with a hammer a do not damage your trim.

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