Buffet Into a Bath Vanity

An old buffet my dad turned into a sink for our daughter.
Old buffet that had been in my in-laws shed
This buffet was given to my husbands parents, about 50 years ago, when their house burned. I have no idea how old it really is, since it was used when it was given to them.
It had seen much better days....
First my dad, who is a fantastic woodworker, took the whole thing apart!. If I know anything it is that he doesn't do anything halfway, ever! He then sanded the whole thing down and put it all back together.
It was REALLY rough looking.
He added 13 coats of Poly. (seriously) - which means you can now see yourself in it! ;-) He wanted to seal it very well, since it would be in close contact with so much water. I bought the vessel sink from Ebay for around $80.00 and that was installed. Our daughter wanted a beach theme so I found some fish pulls and added them. My dad also shortened the drawer under the sink, that way we wouldn't loose storage. :-) MORE storage = A GOOD thing!
In storage until our house was finished
We couldn't find a tall vessel faucet (without paying way more than we wanted) so we improvised. I found a "oil rubbed bronze" kitchen faucet and we removed the bottom plate... it worked perfectly.
My dad had to create another piece to replace a part broken off years before. The decorative piece, on the right of this leg was missing. You can spot it on the first picture (left leg) if you look really close.
He was very upset about the worm holes that couldn't be buffed/sanded out of the top. I told him "Daddy... people pay big bucks for worm holes". ;-) I think it adds character...
Final product installed
I hope this inspires you to create something one of a kind. Our daughters bath now has history from both sides of the family and I love it!

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