New to Gardening? How to Choose and Care for the Perfect House Plants

Starting off with some indoor house plants is a great idea for everyone who is interested in gardening. You can get sense of what gardening is all about, while adding an exotic vibe to your space. House plants relay a cool and clean atmosphere, help freshen up the air and brighten up any room in your house. They are the ideal source of relaxation and comfort. You just have to make sure that you choose the best house plants to fit your purpose: whether you love leafy plants or impressive blossoms and flowers, from tropical house plant installations to fake house plants, the list is endless.

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Step by Step Guide: Picking the Perfect Room

Different rooms might lend themselves better to different types of house plants. As Hometalker explains, the kitchen is the best place to grow herbs like

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Be Smart About Your Indoor House Plants

When choosing a house plant, you should decide whether to go for one that will also produce more plants. If you would like an easy plant that does not require excessive

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Crazy about Large House Plants? Meet Schefflera

If you are into large house plants, then you really have to try out Schefflera, also known as Umbrella Plant. Hometalker The Garden Frog with C Renee has always been

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Grow an Amaryllis for New Year’s

Growing indoor house plants can be a nice family tradition, something grownups and kids can do together. This is what Hometalker Sensible Gardening and Living suggests as

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Floating Spider Plants

The spider plant is widely considered to be one of the best house plants for newbie gardeners. It is adaptable and forgiving, which makes it easy for you to take care of.

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Philodendron: A Stunning and Reliable Choice

The easygoing philodendron is a top choice when it comes to tropical house plants – and for good reason. Originally from Central and South America, the philodendron is

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Making Your Own DIY Succulent House Plant Pot

If you are into succulent house plants, then this great DIY idea for a different succulent pot will come in handy. Placing your succulent house plants into different pots

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Turning Geraniums into the Best House Plants

Geraniums are often thought of as an outdoor plant because they require lots of sunlight. But Hometalker Jeanne Grunert proves geraniums fare just as well as inside house

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Air Plants: Perfect for People with a Black Thumb

If you are worried that it will not be easy to care for a plant, why don’t you start out with the most laid back of house plants? Meet air plants, widely regarded as the

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Everything Is Coming Up Roses

Roses are probably the most beloved flowers – but they are hardly among the most common indoor house plants. Hometalker Jeanne Grunert aims to fix that. She has a few

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Lemon Tree: The Most Fragrant of House Plants

Lemon trees are simply a delight to have in your house: beautiful and elegant, they are a visual and olfactory gamechanger. A lemon tree is gorgeous to look at, simple to

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Remember to Divide Your House Plants

When you take good care of them, then your house plants are going to quickly outgrow their original planters and pots. All plants need space to properly grow, so it is

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Making DIY Fake House Plants

When done well and in a tasteful manner, fake house plants can be the best of both worlds: They give you the cozy feeling of having plants around at next to zero effort

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How to Keep Your House Plants Safe from Cats

We all know that a kitten will do what it sets its mind to do, and there is often little you can do about it. But when it comes to your house plants, you need to step in

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