20 DIY Wall Hanging Decor to Spruce Up Your Space

Hanging decor is a great way to spice up a lackluster, boring wall. Our community of creatives has proven time and again that you can achieve the look you want for a price you can afford. In fact, when you scroll through our 20 top wall hanging projects, you’ll find materials and designs to suit, regardless of your skill level. So, if you’re ready to transform your walls, take a look at some of the best wall hanging features around.

By Best Of Hometalk

Macrame Wall Hanging for Beginners

To help you create your first macrame wall hanger, Wendy has a few tips.

After cutting the rope into 28 pieces, she tied them to a piece of dowel using lark’s head knots.

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Modern Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame may not be in vogue, but this hanging wall tapestry really does have a modern look. The key to getting a modern macrame is to choose your colors and materials

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Smooth Felt Tapestry Wall Hangings

If you want your tapestry wall hangings to have a smooth look, this YOLO design from Naomille is perfect. The base for this hanger is an embroidery loop and some cotton

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Macrame Wall Hanging Planters

Weaving your favorite plants into a wicked wall hanger can give you a seriously eye-catching look. For this fabulous wall hanging planter, Wendy tied 18 pieces of 5mm

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Modern Wall Hanging Simplicity

Simple solutions are often the best when it comes to wall hangings.

Taking cork roll, paper letters and yarn, Naomille put this wall hanger together in less than an hour.

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Brilliant Boho Tapestry Wall Hangings

Want to weave a brilliant Bohemian wall hanger? If so, here’s how… After wrapping yarn around an object 1.5 feet long, Katie cut her yarn and folded two pieces into a

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Wonderful Woven Wall Hanging Without Any Weaving

If you can’t weave but love the woven wall hanging decor, Anna has the answer. Taking two carpet samples, created this wonderful wall hanger without weaving her own

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Picture-Perfect Pallet Wall Hanging Art

A pallet and some paint can completely transform a boring wall with a fantastic piece of artwork. Taking four pallet lengths and cutting to size, Mona glued supports to

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Fantastic Fall Wall Hanging

Bring the outside inside with this fantastic fall wall hanging by Michelle.

After collecting fallen leaves from outside her house, Michelle pressed them between some heavy

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From Book to Beautiful Wall Hanging

Let the words of an old book live on with this ingenious idea from Borei Design. Starting with a piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a plate, Borei stapled a section

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A Fine Flower Wall Hanging

If you enjoyed our fall wall hanging, this flower hanger should pique your interest. Taking some faux flowers, Thalita removed the blooms and separated each individual

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The Perfect Pallet Planter

If you don’t want to use an old pallet as a base for painting, how about this wall planter idea? Once she’d dismantled a pallet, Evija found the most attractive piece and

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Simple DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Even without any knitting skills, you can add some fabulous fabric to your walls. For this wall hanger, The Sweetest Digs took some chunky yarn (the thicker the better)

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Wicked Wall Mounted Air Planters

Give your wall planters some serious air time with this neat idea from Zest it Up. Before wrapping the wire around sections of wood, this Hometalker drilled two holes

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Combine Copper and Pine for the Perfect Wall Display

Hanging shelves are the perfect way to display your favorite household items. Measuring 25mm from the edge of each shelf, this Hometalker used a 4.5mm wood drill to make

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Really Rustic Rope Shelving

For a really rustic looking wall hanger, try this idea from APieceofRainbow.

  1. Wall hanging projects are all about the finer details. Without much space to work with, the
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Magical Macrame Hanging Chair

With some dowel and ¼" macrame cord, Amanda was able to make this impressive hanging chair. Starting with dowel cut to length, Amanda drilled holes into the ends, through

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Tasty Wine Rack Wall Hanging

A wine rack can be a tasty addition to your wall if you know how to hang it. In this project, pieces of 18mm and 12mm plywood were used to build a fantastic hanger.

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Elegant Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging

Wall hanging tapestry is a great way to give a blank canvass some pop.

To recreate this elegant wall hanger, start with the hoops. After taking apart embroidery hoops and

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Frame Your Planter in the Perfect Wall

Nature is just as appealing as any piece of art, which is why we love these farmhouse wall hanging planters. After cutting pine slats into four, Molly secured the picture

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