18 Woven Basket Ideas and More Weaving Projects to Liven Up Your Home

Have you ever wanted to try to create a stylish woven basket but not been sure how to get started? The good news is that there are plenty of exciting ways to do this. Whether you want to get a woven laundry basket or somewhere to keep anything else neatly out of sight, there are some cool DIY projects that let you do this without too much effort. Why not take a look at these examples to discover which one is going to be your next fun project?

By Best Of Hometalk

A Metal Basket with Jute

An old metal basket can have new life breathed into it by weaving jute into it. The starting point is with tying one end of the jute, leaving you to then pull the rest of

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Metal woven basket

Use Burlap

One of the many types of different material that you can use to get a woven basket is burlap. This versatile material is used here with cut loops woven through and around

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Burlap woven basket

Get Pretty Plant Storage

The combination of woven baskets and plants is hard to beat. This project brings them together with a cool plant basket. It starts with a wooden base that has mini dowels

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Plant Storage woven basket

Use Rope for a Woven Basket

This smart approach to weaving uses a length of rope, which you simply paint randomly in parts before weaving around a bowl and finishing off with a couple of leather

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Rope Woven Basket

Use a Tomato Cage

It is possible to get a woven basket storage solution using all sorts of different objects as the starting point. In this case, it is an old tomato cage that has been

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Tomato Cage woven basket

Use Paper Tubes

Paper tubes cut from a newspaper are used to make this neat basket. Some glue is added to the paper, which is then rolled up tightly using a knitting needle. Hometalker

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Paper Tubes for a woven basket

Paint Woven Baskets

White chalk paint and tan paint were used to give the willow woven baskets pictured above a completely different, fresh new look. The work on this lovely project was

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Paint Woven Baskets

Use a Wire Basket

This project started off with a wire basket, which Hometalker Karen Manasco cleaned up and cut. It was then just a question of weaving the vines onto it one by one. The

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woven basket

You Can Weave a Chair Too

Some weaving techniques can also be used to repair or improve chair seats. The project shown uses fiber rush that is first woven into place with cardboard to stop it from

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Weave a Chair

Add a Design

You can choose to go a step further and add an appealing design to your woven basket if you like. This can add a welcome splash of color or some interesting details to

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woven basket with a design

Get a Woven Laundry Basket

A woven laundry basket can add a lot of style to something that is normally mundane. This project uses rope, although it is attached using hot glue rather than weaving it

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woven laundry basket

Use Old Magazines

Even old magazines can be used to produce a unique, eye-catching woven basket. Each page is rolled up and then weaved together in a 1 x 1 pattern with glue used to secure

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Use Old Magazines for a woven basket

Add Some Fabric

What if you already have a large woven basket that is just looking a bit tired? In this case, you can liven it up by adding some fabric to it, resulting in a whole new

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DIY Fabric woven basket

Get a Woven Mirror Frame

The paper tube method of making a woven laundry basket can also be used to decorate a mirror. After weaving, it is coated with a mixture of paint, glue, and water. After

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Woven Mirror Frame

Make a Rustic Woven Ball

This rustic willow ball works well as a Christmas decoration or else hung in the garden. The willow sticks are stripped of leaves and woven into small wreaths which can

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Rustic Woven Ball

Turn Vertical Binds into a Woven Headboard

Vertical blinds are the next objects that we see can be woven together. In this case, they are crossed over horizontally and vertically to form an unusual and visually

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Vertical Binds into a Woven Headboard

A Woven Photo Frame Idea

A plain photo frame has some style added to it in this example. Ribbon strips in three different colors are woven back and forward to complete this look. The ends are

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Woven Photo Frame Idea

Make Your Own Woven Twine Lampshade

The woven twine look can be achieved on a lampshade too. The process starts off with a piece of twine tied to a spoke and then wound around. Jewelry twine or yarn is then

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Woven Twine Lampshade