12 Perfect Area Rugs to Complement Any Room in Your Home

Pull a room together or add a soft place to lay your feet with an area rug. Area rugs are great accessories for the home, adding an element of design to any room. What rug will work best for your space? At Hometalk, we offer examples of round area rugs, large area rugs and everything in between. So whether your space is small or large, or its just personal preference, find the area rug you need in your home!

By Best Of Hometalk

Finding the Perfect Area Rug

Hometalker TheHoneycombHome offers some sound advice when placing an area rug in your room. As pictured, she says that ideally, you want all of your furniture to fit on

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Area Rugs for Less

As a key element to a room, an area rug can cost a pretty penny; however, as Hometalker Meredith Greenberg has pointed out, they don't have to. She’s shared some cheap

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Layering Area Rugs

Traditionally, an area rug is used on its own to section off a room or bring a space together. Hometalker Christine – Decorated Life shares a different way to use area

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DIY Painted Area Rugs

Hometalker Katie Nathey spent just $20 to create her very own Aztec-inspired area rug. This DIY calls for fabric paint and cardboard to be used as stencils. To ensure

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A Rope Area Rug

While many rugs may be rectangular or square, round area rugs can work just as well! Here, Hometalker Katie Bookser shares how to make a round rope area rug, which can

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Braided Large Area Rugs

It’s always a good feeling when you can point to something in your home and say 'I made that'. If you’re looking for your next project and something to be proud of, why

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How to Stencil a Custom Area Rug

A patterned area rug is a perfect accent for an otherwise neutral room, and while there are many options, it can be hard to find the right one for you. It was for this

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A Modern Area Rug

A bold area rug can bring the wow factor to a room and is a great way to add some color to a space if accent furniture is not your style. Hometalker Placeofmytaste wanted

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Easy and Cheap Area Rugs

Area rugs can be made in many ways: there can be painted, braided, or even glued! This Hometalker took a different approach, as she simply chose a fabric she liked, in

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A Drop Cloth Area Rug

Cost effective, simple, and stylish, this drop cloth area rug is a great addition to any room and is so easy to make! The idea came to Hometalker Vineta @ The Handyman's

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Decorative Outdoor Rugs

Area rugs don't have to be limited to the indoors. When looking to put together an outdoor living space, an outdoor rug is a great addition. Hometalker Margaret Swanton

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