Easy Homemade Fungicide Spray for Plants – Two Ingredients!!

3 Materials
5 Minutes

This is something I have mentioned before on Chemistry Cachet, but haven’t done a full post on yet!

The best part? This is great for MORE than just preventing fungus and bacteria, be sure to read the chemist notes below to learn more.

easy homemade fungicide spray for plants two ingredients


  • 1 aspirin tablet 325 mg
  • 1 gallon water
  • Spray bottle (click blog post link at bottom of post for tips on choosing the right spray bottle!!)
  • A few drops of dish soap (OPTIONAL)


  1. Crush aspirin up until it is a fine powder.
  2. Mix with one gallon of water.
  3. Add contents to a spray bottle. At this point, you can add a few drops of soap if you choose too. PLEASE read notes below about the dish soap!!
  4. Using the mist setting, spray leaves of plant until lightly, but evenly coated.
  5. Use every few weeks during the growing season.

 IMPORTANT!! Before moving on through this post, PLEASE click this link to read our FAQS and Precautions!!!

easy homemade fungicide spray for plants two ingredients

For More Aggressive Treatments:

I wanted to include a quick alternative solution for this. I have done quite a bit of research on using aspirin for plants. In a few horticulture books, the solution mentioned was 1 aspirin to 1 LITER of water. This makes it a little more concentrated, so if you want to really make sure your plant is protected from disease, you can use this ratio. I have used the 1 liter of water for my roses, and they responded well.

For more details on the science behind this spray, click here :)

easy homemade fungicide spray for plants two ingredients
easy homemade fungicide spray for plants two ingredients

Suggested materials:

  • Aspirin  (store)
  • Water  (home)
  • Spray bottle  (online)
Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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  • Jessica
    8 days ago

    I have always used 81mg Asprin (dollar store brand work just as great) IN my plant soil. They flourish beautifully and have no bugs. Before watering...1 tablet for every 3 inches of pot. Poke a hole with finger in soil by plant base, drop tablet and cover back up. Water as usual. Tablet dissolves with watering. Pop another once a month.

  • E95656
    7 days ago

    Great information.

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