12 Clever DIY Mirror Ideas to Better Reflect Your Style

Looking into the same mirror every day can get boring, especially if it is very plain. Yet, adding some style to your different mirrors around the house doesn’t have to be too difficult. In fact, there are some excellent DIY projects covering the likes of bathroom and vanity mirrors. In some cases, you can get a dramatic new look without having to spend a lot of time and money on it, even if you aren’t already a DIY expert.

By Best Of Hometalk

Improve a Builder’s Grade Mirror

The plain old builder’s grade vanity mirror can seem boring after a while. This project from Hometalker Victoria Kirton adds some much-needed life to it, making a Trumeau

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mirror ideas

Get a Rustic Mirror

Making a mirror more rustic is a smart way of making it a lot more interesting to look at. This image from Hometalker Nicole Frances is a great example of how this can be

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Rustic Mirror

Use Reclaimed Wood for the Frame

One of the most interesting ways of getting a great-looking mirror is to use reclaimed wood for the frame, which Hometalker Suzette has done a fantastic job of with this

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Reclaimed Wood for the mirror Frame

Use a Pistachio Shell Frame

The best mirror frames aren’t always finished with the traditional materials you would expect to see. This project from Hometalker One Big Happy Life uses pistachio for a

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Pistachio Shell mirror Frame

Use Scrap Wood for the Frame

This is another DIY project that uses an unusual frame. In this case, Hometalker Funky Junk Interiors – Donna adds scrap wood to produce a frame that is sure to turn

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Use Multiple Bathroom Mirrors

A frame-less builder grade mirror is replaced by a variety of different mirrors in a range of styles and shapes. Hometalker Gretchen came up with a great look to add a

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Bathroom Mirrors

Get a French Country-Style Mirror

A standard wall mirror or dresser with a mirror doesn’t work in every home. This project from Hometalker Handan & Greg @ The Navage Patch gives you the option of adding

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Country Style Mirror

Add Mosaic Tiles to Your Vanity Mirror

A boring bathroom mirror can be spiced up in a number of fun ways. A fairly simple solution found by Hometalker Brooke N was to add glass mosaic tiles around the edges

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Vanity Mirror

Large Bathroom Mirror redo to double framed m

Like to replace a giant bathroom mirror? Perhaps you would prefer a cabinet or dresser with a mirror instead. This DIY project from Hometalker Danielle Fraser makes a

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Large Bathroom Mirror

Make a Leaning Mirror

Wall mirrors are fantastic for making good use of the available space in smaller homes, but they can be expensive. Hometalker Anne Davidson came up with a project for

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Leaning Mirror

Get a Distressed Mirror Frame

The distressed look on a mirror frame can be brilliant when it is done well. With this project from Hometalker Kristine (Teeny Ideas) we can see how to get impressive

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Distressed Mirror Frame

Build a Makeup Mirror with Lights

If you love the idea of a vanity mirror with lights, then this project could be the perfect choice for you. It's a glamorous yet rustic look that undoubtedly has style.

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Makeup Mirror