Compact TV Entertainment Center

Looking for a way to downsize, Kelly removed the inner shelves from her existing unit and cut off the top. With only the lower cabinet left, she removed the lid from the section she’d just cut away and stuck it to the base unit using Awesome Glue. To finish, she took off the cabinet doors, sanded and painted. Finally, she hung her TV over the new unit and filled with entertainment essentials. Get tutorial here

Fabulous Entertainment Center with Fireplace

If you like the rustic Mediterranean vibe, you'll like this entertainment center with fireplace enhancements. Building a wooden frame using 2X4s, Patty and her son-in-law then added wire mesh. Once the frame was finished, they boarded the sides and applied clay. A brick tile top was then added to the TV stand. To finish, the unit was painted in terracotta and decorated. Get tutorial here

Grandiose TV Entertainment Center

Using a natural recess in their living room, Donna and her husband constructed this imposing entertainment center. The pair used unfinished cabinets from Lowe’s as their base units and installed two plywood boards as dividers. They inserted shelves on either side of the center then added handles and crown molding. They finished their impressive creation in Dover White paint. Get tutorial here

From Dresser to Entertainment Center

Taking an old dresser and some paint, Michelle was able to turn an outdated dresser into a vintage entertainment center. After sizing up the dresser, she removed the central doors and installed three new shelves. With the dresser already looking like an entertainment center, she finished the piece by sanding off the old varnish, filling any cracks and painting in a custom blend of white and brown. Perfect! Get tutorial here

Out of this World Entertainment Center

Ditching the idea that TV stands should blend into the background, she used Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain to redecorate her grandson’s entertainment center. Using colors such as Phoenix First, she sanded and misted the wood before spraying on the watered down gel stain. Once the paintwork was dry, Dana went over the surface lightly with a 320-grit sanding block and sealed using Minwax Gloss Polyurethane. Get tutorial here

Innovative Dual-Purpose Bedroom Entertainment Center

With only a single wall to work with, this Hometalker found a way to combine a TV stand and laundry sorter. Using various cuts of ply, she built a simple dresser unit and shelves. She then built a second frame and used the top of the dresser as the base. She finished the unit by screwing the two frames together and painting white. Simple and functional! Get tutorial here

Storage Galore in a TV Entertainment Center

Taking storage to a new level, this entertainment center is actually five separate units pieced together. Starting with the central section, Christopher built a simple split-level dresser. He then used ply and timber to build four tower frames. With the main units ready, he boarded up the backs, added shelves and molding to finish. Finally, he screwed the unit together and painted his impressive creation in white. Get tutorial here

Industrial Entertainment Center with Pipes

Don’t want to work with wood? Use pipes instead. Cutting and sanding a 12″x 12″ x2″ wooden plank, Judy built a shelf for her entertainment center. With the wood varnished, she took six 12” pipes and cut them in half. Using the brackets as feet and attachment points, she screwed six into the bottom of the shelf and six on top. She added a second shelf to complete her industrial-style entertainment center. Get tutorial here

Fantastic Floating Entertainment Center

Not all entertainment centers have to stand proud. For this floating unit, Robert made two pine shelves and connected them with gas pipes painted black. He added decorative pipes to the top shelf before threading two lengths of ½” pipe through holes at either end of the unit.Using these as a wall bracket, Robert finished his floating entertainment center by screwing it to the wall beneath his hanging TV. Get tutorial here

Lavish Entertainment Center for Over-sized TVs

For an over-sized TV, try something upmarket. Starting with the central unit, this Hometalker constructed a wooden frame with shelf inserts on either side. To bulk it up, they added additional shelves to either end. Having attached molding to the facade, they added the defining feature: they installed ornate sliding doors, allowing the over-sized TV to be hidden or revealed at will. Get tutorial here

Cabinet Creation Becomes Entertainment Center

With a solid base, making your own entertainment center doesn’t have to be difficult. Taking an old cabinet, this Hometalker simply needed to replace the old sliding door with one that covered the entire front section. Once she’d done that, she added silver handles and painted the whole piece black. For simple yet effective storage and entertainment unit, this project is perfect. Get tutorial here

Entertainment to Storage Center Conversion

Just as dressers and cabinets can become entertainment centers, the creative process works the other way. Taking a TV stand, this Hometalker removed the glass cabinet end and filled in the leftover hole. On the opposite side, the upright was used as a base for a second cabinet. They then sanded the surface, filled any holes and added doors. To finish, they applied a coat of paint to completely transform their entertainment center. Get tutorial here