21 DIY Headboard Ideas Designed to Spruce up Your Bedroom

Headboards can often make or break a bed. They can finish off the all-round look of your bedroom. A headboard doesn’t really have a practical use, other than to pinpoint where your bed is meant to be. This means you can be as creative as you want with your headboards. If you don’t currently have a headboard, why not consider these 21 DIY headboard ideas that can add a layer of style and luxury to any queen or king-size bed. Alternatively, if you already have a cheap and nasty headboard that you want to enhance, these DIY headboard ideas will give you the inspiration to elevate bog-standard headboards into show-stopping bedroom centerpieces.

By Best Of Hometalk

Refresh Your Master Bedroom With a DIY Headboard Out of Plywood

This Hometalker always decorates on a tight budget and used cheap plywood to jigsaw her brand-new headboard. An outline of a headboard shape that this Hometalker liked

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homemade wood headboard

Learn How to Make a DIY Headboard and Bed Frame

This Hometalker was getting a new mattress and wanted to make her own bed frame and headboard to put it on. She pulled out the used doors that her family had in storage

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DIY door headboard

DIY Headboard Sconces for a Rustic, Farmhouse Vibe

Inspired by headboard sconces on Painted Fox, this Hometalker decided to make their own from scratch. They felt that their barn door headboard was crying out for some

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Cushion-Inspired DIY Queen Headboard

This Hometalker was inspired to create a DIY headboard after buying six headboard cushions at Aldi. They needed a new headboard for a queen-size bed. Having seen a string

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cheap DIY headboard idea

Transforming a New Door Into a Gorgeous Decorative DIY Headboard

This Hometalker bought a new door from a home improvement store, with one eye on using it for a DIY headboard. The door was hand-trimmed to fit and align itself with the

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paint door DIY headboard

Rustic Headboard Necklace Ideas for Bland Existing Headboards

This Hometalker created a DIY headboard necklace to act as a rustic feature for her rather bland headboard. She used a plain painting drop cloth as the backdrop for a

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rustic headboard decor ideas

Cosy Cottage-Style Headboard Made From an Old Door

This cute cottage-style headboard has created an ideal frame for this Hometalker’s guest sofa bed. This DIY headboard is another made from an old door. The door appears

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farmhouse door headboard idea

Discover How to Make a Tufted Headboard and Spend Less Than $150

This Hometalker learned how to make a tufted headboard for 20% of the price of a Pottery Barn headboard. She spotted a gorgeous tall tufted headboard at Pottery Barn but

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DIY tufted headboard

Turning a Dingy Antique Headboard Into a Beautiful King Headboard

This Hometalker was particularly proud of turning this $30 antique headboard into a contemporary statement. For just $30, this Hometalker bought an antique headboard that

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paint antique headboard

All You Need to Build a DIY Farmhouse Headboard

This bold, innovative Hometalker handmade a farmhouse-style headboard for his friends. This Hometalker talks you through all the materials you need to create your very

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DIY farmhouse headboard idea

Traditional Nailhead Trim Looks Great on a DIY Headboard

This Hometalker spent just a single weekend prepping this new DIY headboard, complete with nailhead trim. The whole mini-project cost her and her husband less than $100

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DIY nailhead headboard

Upholstered Headboard Made From Curtain Panels

This Hometalker created a new stylish upholstered headboard using curtain panels bought from a local store. She purchased a large sheet of MDF and trimmed a value

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DIY upholstered headboard