Repurposed Headboard: A True Flower Bed!

Happy Wednesday Friends! About this time last year, I posted a yard sale headboard that I repurposed as a garden trellis. It has been one of my most pinned posts. At the time, I had never seen a headboard used in the garden. Now it has become more popular, but no less charming. Today I am sharing a heavier metal headboard Youngest Daughter found at a thrift store for $2 and then passed on to me. It just needed a little love to become a true flower bed!
I just love these old metal headboards--at one time or another I used them with each of my three kids. Whether painted bright blue in race car themed room, or white with tiny rosebud stencils they were always perfect. So it seems fitting that one should end up in my garden among the zinnias. I spray painted it a happy turquoise and then stenciled it.
This cute little chair planter was on sale at Home Depot. I love using thrifted china in the garden. The teacups are actually halves that got broken in between projects. I couldn't bear to throw them away and now I know why. They are right at home under the colorful blooms.
This sweet Hallmark chick rests perfectly on the candlestick for a thrifty garden sculpture. I planted more zinnia seeds as they will last through most of Fall here.
Thanks so much for stopping by--come again soon!
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