How can I clean burned-on food from my pans?


I accidentally left two pans on my stove with the burners turned on and about an inch of water added to soften up the inside bottoms of the pans. By the time I started smelling them burn, the damage was done. Now I can't get the burned part out and I've tried baking soda and vinegar. I think it's hopeless, but I wanted to ask if anyone has a better way of cleaning them before I throw them out. I haven't tried oven cleaner, but I'm thinking about it.

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  • Mr ATC Mr ATC on Mar 30, 2019

    leave some warm water and soap in it for a one day then brush

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 30, 2019

    fill with ammonia to cover burnt part and place in garbage bag tie it shut let sit over night rinse with hot hot hot water & scrub with dawn dish & steel wool

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Mar 30, 2019

    Cover the burnt area with water, add some powder dishwasher soap. Bring to a boil for a few minutes. Turn off, cover, let sit for about 1,hour, should come off. Good luck. If Teflon coated and it gets scratched, throw it out.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 30, 2019

    fill with ammonia to cover burnt area put in garbage bag tie shut let sit over night then scrub with green scrubber sponge and hot water

  • Margaret Main Margaret Main on Mar 31, 2019

    Putting Bleach in sufficient to cover the stains leave a couple of hours I have used this method myself after telling someone I had ruined a pot that was only a few weeks old. Good Luck from Scotland

  • magic erasers work wonders for this! lol

  • Margaret Veronica Margaret Veronica on Mar 31, 2019

    Try boiling water and baking soda to soften it up.

  • Countrycharm Countrycharm on Mar 31, 2019

    add some dishwasher soap and a little water, bring to a boil and then turn off and let set till warm then scrub it out.

  • Charlotte Charlotte on Mar 31, 2019

    Scrape out what you can with a spoon. Repeatedly boil, water, little soap. Use baking soda to polish the pan, it is the most mild abrasive, cuts grease, disinfects.......Also great on glass or corningware. Stains in coffee cups, almost anything.

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