How can I organize a cupboard full of plastic lids?


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  • Anne Turner Anne Turner on Apr 01, 2019

    Amazon has a plastic lid holder, works for small and medium lids.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 01, 2019

    Hello, I have seen some people use a dish drainer inside a cabinet to organize both plastic lids and plastic containers. I have found a storage tub brand at Walmart where all the lids and tubs snap -nest together flat and and that’s been very helpful in my organization. I got rid of most of the other cumbersome bulky inefficiently storage.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Apr 01, 2019

    It would depend on how much room you have but I prefer to organize mine with the bowls. It's so frustrating that I recently did a large purge and replaced with lock & lock nesting bowls. They sit inside each other with the lids.

    I would also recommend, if storing by themselves, to make sure you have a bowl to lid match. I was surprised how many I had that were strays of 1 or the other.

    Before nesting bowls, I would stack the lids on top of each other but it seemed to take so much time to find the right lid for a bowl.

    I've seen the dish drainer trick or a small bin to hold the lids. Please post the project if you come up with something that works well.

  • Pamela Pamela on Apr 01, 2019

    i use 1 large container and put all the lids in that , i separate square , round & rectangular to make it easier to find .

  • I threw all of mine out and bought a set that matches and fits together. Then I use a container to hold the lids. It's so much more pleasant than digging through a million mismatched containers. Plus, it makes me keep my fridge cleaner because I only have so many containers.

  • Pat Pat on Apr 02, 2019

    I stack my lids underneath the containers

  • Karen Karen on Apr 02, 2019

    I have four plastic containers that I store my lids in. One is for Tupperware lids and the other is for the odd lids of various containers, one for small containers, and the other one for lids for the small containers. And, yes, I have way too many of all of them but there are times when I am canning and freezing that most of them are in use so I don't want to get rid of them.

  • Rymea Rymea on Apr 02, 2019

    I finally gave up and bought these. They sit in a neat little 1 foot square space under the counter. They stack up in the fridge saving space there also. I love them.

    I recycled all the old plastic stuff and never missed it. I have some very large container I bought at $1 store that all match and stack up but they are kept way at the back since i rarely use them.

  • Dorothy Sittler Dorothy Sittler on Apr 02, 2019

    I reuse the square almond boxes. I put a stack in a raw spinach box and put the lids behind in the box. The is really efficient for this short stuff. The containers are all light so I can bring the container down with ease.