How to add more dining space in a small kitchen?


Remodeling this kithen and don't have enough dining space. Any ideas what to put on the left side of this kithen to add more dining space? The size is only 51 inches

q how to add more dining space in small kitchen
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  • Em Em on Apr 06, 2019

    How much more do you need to have? The island could seat 3 on one side and one on each end. Get stools that slide under the island top so they are not in the way when not in use. Either that or remove the island and replace it with a conventional table and chairs.

  • Theresa Theresa on Apr 06, 2019

    I would extend the top of the island, put legs under it if necessary.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Apr 06, 2019

    51" isn't enough for a table and chairs or even a banquette with a table. How much room is there out from the wall? Maybe you could run the cabinets the whole length of the wall, top and bottom cabinets and put a table and chairs in the middle of the kitchen? Or you could run cabinets the whole length of the wall and extend the island to give you plenty of seating on one side? Either way, it will give you a lot more storage and counter work space. I suggest that you use undercabinet lighting if putting the cabinets along the wall. Just make sure that you get a skin or beadboard to match your cabinets and put it on the back of the island. Also make sure your island is anchored to the floor or it will move when bumped into.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Apr 06, 2019

    What about the NORDEN table from ikea?

  • Riva Sue Riva Sue on Apr 07, 2019

    Maybe a "floating shelf" style counter table attached to the wall(s) with stools that have backs and swivel. That requires minimal space but adds the function you are looking to add.

  • Gloria Gloria on Apr 07, 2019

    I would like to know myself, Thank YOU

  • Pamela Pamela on Apr 07, 2019

    Is it possible to chAnge the direction of the island ? If you turns it , you could

    And another set of cabinets , giving you more storage and a larger countertop , therefore giving you a larger seating area. As long as the new cabinet is the same height it will work , if it doesn't match , they can all be painted , so they match. Instead of paint you can attach beadboard or tin .

  • DebraY DebraY on Apr 07, 2019

    I bought a table years ago from Ikea that was and is a lifesaver for my small kitchen. The table attaches on one side to the wall, the other end is rounded and has an adjustable table leg in the center for suport.

  • Connie E Causey Nunez Connie E Causey Nunez on Apr 07, 2019

    Because I didn't want a table but I needed more storage , I made an island with 2 cabinets with large drawers. I needed more prep space hence the top made with 2x10's. I ordered table brackets that allowed me to add a dropleaf so I could use as eat space.

  • Diana Diana on Apr 07, 2019

    I have a gate leg that measures 12” by 36” but will open up to seat four. I use ice cream chairs which are small. I also have an island on Wheels so that I can move it wherever I want. I love it.

  • Betty Albright-Bistrow Betty Albright-Bistrow on Apr 07, 2019

    Hi Terri!

    I have a small kitchen and I have an island on wheels which I can move anywhere. It also can seat 2 extra people.

    Here are some ways to add more space.

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