How do I get rust off my shower curtain rod?

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  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 08, 2019

    Hi Deana, you can use sos pads to get the rust off, but you will need to paint it with rustoleum to keep it from rusting again

  • BOB.D. BOB.D. on Apr 08, 2019

    You can try steel wool but it will probably just rust again .chrome finsh not thick enough .

  • William William on Apr 08, 2019

    WD40 and a green kitchen scrubby. It will come back unless you protect the rod with clear spray paint or repaint with Rustoleum 2X paint.

  • Decor Home Ideas Decor Home Ideas on Apr 09, 2019

    There are some special sprays for rust removing, but not sure which one of them is the best.

  • Jkr22097881 Jkr22097881 on Apr 09, 2019

    try rubbing it with aluminum foil. I don't know how long it will last, but it is a quick fix. I used it on a rolling cart my daughter-in-law had in her bathroom that was rusting due to all the moisture. I did it about 9 months ago and it still looks good.

  • V Smith V Smith on Apr 18, 2019

    After you rub it with al foil, use Pledge on a cloth and rub it onto the rod. Pledge contains silicone and wax which will help the bar resist moisture. You wouldn't want to get it onto any surface that you may want to paint later.

  • Carlota Mozee Carlota Mozee on Apr 25, 2019

    Rub ketchup on it .

  • Jean Carter Harris Jean Carter Harris on May 30, 2021

    I clean mine with apple cider vinegar and then I use carwax on it. It lasts for a while and the shower hooks seem to slide better.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 2 days ago

    Hi, Use WD-40

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