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Asked on Apr 10, 2019

How to organize my closet?

Betty Albright-BistowKim  |Exquisitely UnremarkableKathy Gunter Law


How to organize my closet,what fixtures do i need,its just a standard one that me and my husband share with sliding Mirror doors..that part I love!,

4 answers
  • Mogie
    on Apr 10, 2019

    1. Go through your closet and pick out anything you haven't worn in over a year.

    2. Get rid of mistakes. If it doesn't make you look great, if you're tired of it, if it still has its tags, then give it to charity.

    3. If it has a great deal of sentimentality linked to it but you never wear it, then put it in a box, and tuck it under your bed or in the basement. But don't let it take up valuable space in your closet if you don't wear it on a weekly basis.

    4. If it doesn't fit and it can't be tailored, toss it. Face reality. It hurts more to look at that garment than it does to clear it out.

    5. Make repairs. Chances are, you're not wearing it because it's not ready to go out. If you don't take them to be repaired in one month, then you know you're really not that crazy about it.

    What stays:

    1. The first thing to put back in the closet are those out-of-season clothes. Keep them separated to avoid confusion. A garment bag will do the job. (Hint: Cut a small opening in a pillow case and use it as a garment bag.)

    2. Next to the garment bag, put your special-occasion clothing. If you have several outfits, consider putting them in another garment bag. In the bottom of the bag, store the jewelry, shoes, hose, and other accessories that are used only with this clothing.

    3. Right in front of you when you open your closet should be only the clothes you wear all the time.

    4. Group together shirts, then pants, then suits, so it's easy to find things fast every morning or when you're rushed for time.

    5. You may need to trim out some items. How many black skirts do you really need? Keep the higher quality, better-made items.


    Take your favorite shoes to be re-heeled and resoled.

    Get rid of outdated shoes. Nothing can date an outfit faster.

    Toss any shoe that is uncomfortable. Realize that over the years, your shoe size has changed. Your foot has gotten bigger or wider, and it's not going to shrink!

    Invest in shoe trees or keep shoes in shoe boxes. Stuff shoes with tissue or newspaper to hold their shape. Take a picture of the shoe and staple it on the box so that you won't have to open every box to find your shoes.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Apr 10, 2019

    I have my clothes organized by weight and color. Example: my tops are sweaters, long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops going dark to light. I find it easier to get dressed that way. I utilize the top rack to store purses and rarely used items. If you can put a shoe rack in, that will help quite a bit. If not then store shoes on the floor, preferably in boxes or bins of some kind to reduce the appearance of clutter.

  • I have the same kind of closet, Cheryl and here's what I did with mine, if you want to peek.

  • Betty Albright-Bistow
    on Apr 12, 2019

    Hello Cheryl!

    Take a look at these ideas for your closet! Best wishes to you.

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