Asked 4 days ago

What is the fastest and easiest way to clean wooden mini blinds?



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  • Rebecca Taylor
    4 days ago

    Hi Sue, I did a search and found a site that tells you the best way to do it. It gives information on all different kinds of blinds so just scroll down to find yours.

  • Nancy Turner
    3 days ago

    My mom had one of those cleaning things that had the cloth covered fingers on it for blinds or she would put pieces of rags on tongs and do it that way. She had a lot of wood blinds and all her closet doors had the wood slats that look like blinds. I hated when she wanted them cleaned! I always had that as one of my jobs.

  • William
    3 days ago

    I hang mine in the shower, wet them down with the handheld shower. Spray them with a cleaner, use a duster brush, then rinse and let drip dry.

  • Betsy

    Hi Sue: Since they're wood, I'd be hesitant to get them wet. What you can do is get an old sock and dip it in a mixture of a small squirt of Dawn dish soap, a tablespoon or two of vinegar and a gallon of warm water. Mix this up and put the sock on your hand, make a fist to wring it out fairly dry and wipe the blind slats one by one. You can do both sides at once. Not fun, but at least you can look outside while you're doing this:) Then, get some fresh water and rinse the same way, with the sock hand. And, if you get bored, you can make the sock a puppet and tell the slats how much better they are going to look when they are clean. :) It doesn't take that long, and while you're at it, go do those blades on the ceiling fan:) Good luck

  • Debker
    3 hours ago

    Hi Sue, honestly the easiest and fastest way is to remove the blinds, take them outside to your patio where the garden hose it, spray a cleaner like spray 9 or 409, etc on them, spray them to rinse them and lay them out to air dry, they dry in no time on a warm day

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