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Beverly James
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Asked 8 days ago

Hot to get the cloudy scum off shower glass?

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4 answers
  • Kathy Gunter Law
    8 days ago

    If you don't have a marble tub, wet & forget shower is a no scrub product that will take it off & keep it off.

    If you do have marble, Lysol power scrub in the blue trigger bottle partnered with a Mr. Clean magic eraser is great for soap scum. Another way is cut a grapefruit in half & cover with coarse salt to scrub the glass.

  • Nancy Turner
    8 days ago

    Try spraying the glass with vinegar, it can help get rid of the dried water build up and soap scum. If it is real thick, it may take a couple of times.

  • Cindy
    7 days ago

    Hi Beverly. At our old house we had hard water that left our shower doors very cloudy. I tried so many different cleaning products with poor results. Then I tried a product called CLR. Wow, what a difference. The trick to using CLR is to spray it on and walk away. Come back in 20 minutes and wipe with a damp clean cloth. I highly recommend this cleaner. The results are remarkable. Good luck Beverly.

  • Beverly James
    7 days ago

    I r tried car snd li didn’t work! However, I didn’t try leaving it on for 20 min.l will try that! Thanks

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