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Asked on Apr 10, 2019

How do I clean permanent screens?

Libbie BTygerMarcie


My screens don't come out , I just pull the storm down for the winter. How do I get them clean. Especially where I put fans in the windows.

5 answers
  • Joy30150932
    on Apr 10, 2019

    Use your vacuum to get the dust off them and then wipe them over with a lint free cloth dampened in vinegar and warm water.

  • Pat
    on Apr 10, 2019

    How do you clean your storms? Do they come out to clean? I have the combination storms and screens and they are a pita to clean.

  • Marcie
    on Apr 10, 2019

    storms fold in so I don't need to go out at all.

  • Tyger
    on Apr 11, 2019

    Clean the dust with a vacuum or soft brush, close the windows and spray with your garden hose. They have attachments for the hose that you can put dish soap or cleaner or even vinegar in to spray. Just remember to close your windows.

  • Libbie B
    on Apr 14, 2019

    We spray ours each spring with a hose and the use a brush and soap and water, spray again.

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