Asked on Apr 12, 2019

How do you clean your glass shower door?

Janice GriefnowRobin  SmithBetsy


Find it time consuming any ideas to make this job a bit more tolerable would be appreciated!

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  • Dee
    on Apr 12, 2019

    Heat up 1 cup of white vinegar, mix in about 1/4 cup of Dawn Premium. Not the dollar store kind, because it is too thin. When mixed, pour into a spray bottle and fill with water. Shake. you only have to heat the vinegar one time when you add the Dawn. Spray on glass door and let sit for a few minutes. Rinse with hot water, wipe dry with microfiber cloth. You can also use a cheap shampoo on the glass. Just make sure you rinse well.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Apr 12, 2019

    I use wet & forget shower weekly. It's a no scrub product that keeps it clean as new.

    Lysol Power scrub in a trigger spray blue bottle is good to remove soap scum. I use a power scrubber or magic eraser.

  • Betsy
    on Apr 12, 2019

    Hi Donna: Here's a site that tells you how to do it and what to do! Good luck

  • Robin Smith
    on Apr 13, 2019

    The stuff mechanics use to clean their hands! There are many brands, and you buy it at the auto parts store. It’s amazing, never found anything including magic eraser that works like this!

  • Janice Griefnow
    on Apr 13, 2019

    I used rainx on our clear glass doors when they were installed last July and just wipe down after showering.

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