Asked on Jun 27, 2012

How can I diagnose/repair low water pressure in one outdoor faucet?

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The outdoor faucet in the front of our house has good pressure, but the one in back just trickles. I don't know enough to know whether this is a problem with the faucet or with the water pressure regulator inside the house, and whether that would affect one outdoor faucet but not the other. The problem is not related in any way to water use inside the house at the same time I'm trying to water outside.
We recently installed a 2-station automatic timer (for 2 hoses), and when we first installed it, it worked fine. Now, the water comes on right on schedule, but it dribbles from the sprinkler, and we get the same result when we use the manual bypass -- very low, almost non-existent pressure. We do NOT have two sprinklers set water at the same time, so it isn't that. Does this sound like something I can handle myself, or is a call to a plumber my next step?
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  • Check to see that the washer has not partly blocked the outlet of the faucet. Sometimes also the filter plugs with silt and can cause low pressure out of the faucet. Try removing the timer and back flush with water to see if it clears. Is it something that has to do with the timer device? If you remove it your faucet should be fine. If that is the case, the issue is something is plugged or the timer valve is faulty. My bet its a dirty filter screen in the valve.

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