Easy Coastal Style DIY

I love coastal decor. Not the kitschy stuff you see everywhere, like pictures of seashells in pink pastel frames. But the authentic, I-live-by-the-sea sort of look.
Turquoise, coral, and ocean blue. Shades of white and sand. Driftwood. Real seashells and bits of seaglass.
Of course, Oklahoma is a pretty good haul from the ocean.
But a girl can dream.
Quite some time ago, I found a souvenir paddle, I think at a garage sale. Since I've never had a bathroom that had enough wall space for a real paddle, I thought "what the heck, it's a buck" and I bought it.
I came across it today while I was cleaning and thought that it was about time to do something with this little paddle.
To start with, I had to get rid of that shiny new plastic-looking finish it was sporting. I don't do shiny new plastic-looking on anything
After sanding down the entire paddle and removing almost every bit of the shiny finish, I sprayed the whole paddle down with a couple of rounds of Magic Juice, which greyed it down quite nicely. Now it looks like it's got a story to tell. Then I taped of the stripes I wanted to paint on the paddle.
Once the paint was dry, I removed the tape, then sanded down the color until it had the worn look I was after. It came out just the way I had hoped! It looks like a favorite paddle that was used for quite some time. Just a hint of the varnish is left, and the paint is worn from all that time in the water.
So how about you? Do you dream of coastal living? Would you put this style in your home?
To see more, check out the full post at http://www.theflyingc.net/paint-paddle-coastal-decor/

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  • Chris aka monkey
    on Aug 13, 2014

    @Cori from The Flying C really cool project..went to your blog liked it so i signed up for email xx you should post more on home talk

  • Cori Warner
    on Aug 27, 2014

    Thanks, @Chris aka monkey! I've been making an effort to be more involved on Hometalk, I really like it!

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