Small room ideas- need help

Hi, I've recently moved to a small apartment. Need help doing it up. It's rented so I cant make structural changes, nail the walls or fix wardrobes. It's a tiny place and I have problems keeping it clean. Need quick, easy, low budget ideas to make it look like a home! Help!
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  • Rose Rose on Aug 13, 2014
    when ever I am in a predicament I always go to all you need to do is put your dilemma in the search box and so many pictures come up its the best ever......good luck...
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Aug 13, 2014
    Pics of your space would be helpful. Do you mean you can't put nails in the wall to hang pics? Is so, that is VERY unreasonable. There are peelable hanging strips but don't know how much weight they hold. Besides nail holes are easy to fix when you move. I was a landlord for many years and never had it in the lease that people couldn't hang pics to make their home cozy! Just said to fill the holes if they moved.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Aug 13, 2014
    Have lived in some small places, too. I used under the bed storage for things I used only occasionally. If India, ask relatives for saris they don't wear anymore. The fabrics and colours are glamorous and beautiful. Make these into curtains, cushions, trim for bed cover/ lamp, etc. Use a cheap wicker basket with a lid and spray paint it for an end table. Store books, etc. inside. BUT I was always able to hang pictures!
  • always thing vertical. Always think about using the space from floor to ceiling. adding height to your bed by 4-6" can give you under the bed storage solutions. if you do not have much decor then group it on one wall instead of spreading it out over several walls. when you walk into the room the wall you first see is the wall you concentrate on. use a dresser in the living room for storage. there are many things you can do to make the space feel larger and work for you. do not try to cram in big puffy furniture-use streamlined furniture such as a love seat and smaller comfy chairs. Use cheap shelving units and use baskets or spray paint, duct tape, or somehow cover boxes to make them look chic. have fun. and use Pinterest!
  • Debra Debra on Aug 13, 2014
    Apartment Therapy always has some good ideas for small space living. Small home living is another place to look. Multifunction furniture is a must in a small space .
  • Fran McCarty Fran McCarty on Aug 17, 2014
    When decorating, I operate on the 60-30-10 plan. 60% of the room decor is wall color; 30% of the room decor is accents such as rugs, curtain, pillows, the furniture upholstery, etc. 10% is my "pop" color. I choose one color from a rug, curtain or pillow and use this color for my picture frames, table decor, book case decor, etc. I'm assuming you can't paint either. So concentrate on those things you can change. Work on a plan for the 30% and 10%. I'm horrible at decorating and I read this a few years ago in a Designer's magazine. It hasn't failed me yet. Good luck!
  • Sharon Schafer Bennett Sharon Schafer Bennett on Jan 21, 2016
    There are hooks that stick to the wall, and they don't damage the walls. So that will give some vertical storage. Plus they can go inside cabinets to hang things as as well.