Asked on Jun 28, 2012

need electrcial

Carol SWoodbridge Environmental


bought new dishwasher and had it installed but he says needs electricalplug?? i live in lake conroe 77356--- can someone come n fix it??
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  • Hi Sandy, To find a contractor in your area, go to the top of the page where is says search. Simply click on it. Another window will open and then click on professionals. You should then see what your looking for in your area of TX To understand what they are talking about for the dishwasher. There is an electrical connection under the bottom front of the machine. Quite often an outlet is provided somewhere behind it. What they are saying is to run what is called a Wip connection in which a plug is at one end and the wires then connect to the machine on the other. Also in many cases the machine is direct wired. Meaning there is no plug at all. The washer is directly wired to the wire that is supposed to be inside the cabinet opening that accepts the machine. If its there, then it is just a matter of re-connecting the machine to it.

  • Carol S
    on Jun 29, 2012

    Yeah, Sandy I found out when I had my kitchen put in a few years ago -- seems every thing needs its own outlet - It's a pain now but it is for the best.

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