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First Gladiola of the Season!

I normally do not have Glads. I've just never had a knack for them-they bloom and fall over. My son decided to purchase some and put them out in my circle out front. These went in late because of the cold, wet spring and are just now blooming. HERE'S HIS FIRST ONE! I was shocked at how beautiful it is! He was so optimistic he bought a big, heavy leaded vase for them at a garage sale! I love his optimism and will certainly enjoy these. It has several with buds now! Does anyone have any hints about what to do with glads? Take up the bulbs in the fall? Store in cool dry place? Leave in the ground? I would appreciate any help!
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I could not believe how pretty this was when hubby brought it inside! I am looking forward to the others opening. It was a bag of mixed colors.

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  • Jeanette S
    on Aug 18, 2014

    Thanks! I will do that! We randomly placed these at the last minute this year...hopefully next year we will have more time to plan the layout!

  • Gabriella Olocco
    on Aug 19, 2014

    Aggiungi a questo post ...I think it was a good idea. I like all flowers, but don't like gladioli (in Italian) so much......

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