Asked on Aug 16, 2014

Should I re-paint this lamp? What color?

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We recently gave our home office a makeover and I'm not sure if this lamp color is amazing or awful. What do you think? There are more pictures of the office on my blog post -->
I painted this vintage tension pole lamp teal blue but I can't decide if it's right. Maybe re-paint it white?
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  • Heidi Schrader Hart
    Heidi Schrader Hart
    on Aug 16, 2014

    I love the blue; pop of color, just like current fashion!

  • Steph Mike
    Steph Mike
    on Aug 16, 2014

    I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with the blue but it hit me, that maybe mustard would be amazing! With the gray, black, and vintage wood mustard could really set it all in motion. Just a thought. Good luck! I love your cabinet.

  • Colleen
    on Aug 17, 2014

    I'm not so sure blue is the color to pick, it seems to fight for attention rather than work with. Steph Mike has the right idea, go with a mustard it'll blend with the cabinet. Also love the cabinet! Good luck.

  • Kris Larson
    Kris Larson
    on Aug 17, 2014

    I would keep the blue and paint 3 clip board for your paper clipped art blue too! the color needs to come a bit lower to balance out the top heaviness of the space... i m o

  • Urban Acreage
    Urban Acreage
    on Aug 17, 2014

    Thanks for the responses everyone! I'm feeling very tempted to try mustard :)

  • Cat King
    Cat King
    on Aug 18, 2014

    love the blue , maybe use costal décor to pull it together

  • Maureen Macdonald
    Maureen Macdonald
    on Sep 16, 2014

    I saw your makeover and I like the blue but if you wanted a different look the mustard is a great idea or I saw orange in your room which would still make it pop, good luick.

  • CK
    on Sep 16, 2014

    I'm usually not drawn to blue but I actually think this is the right color here...especially if it's a color you do like. All you need to pull it into the room are a couple more accessories in that same or similar blue hue. I see something in that color already there on the shelf :-) And if you add one or two items across the room in that blue color, it'll all be pulled together. Nice 'save' on that vintage pole lamp! :-)

  • Duv310660
    on Sep 16, 2014

    The blue is in the ballpark, it is just too heavy for your soft, neutral background! I would bring it up in the realm of your turquoise objet d'art on the right side (think it's an asian lion?) or even greener version a la chicken feathers on your wall. Don't hate me, I know the light is fussy to paint. If you are committed to painting, there is no reason you couldn't try a verdigis finish to soften that long pole. OR, maybe you can make the lamps hang from the ceiling, and loose the pole altogether!

  • Cathey DeRosa
    Cathey DeRosa
    on Jan 22, 2015

    I like it the way it is. It gives the room a great pop of color. I like it's originality.

  • Darlene Clonts
    Darlene Clonts
    on Jan 24, 2015

    I love the color but it would look better in a room that has other things to match it

  • Tammysuzie
    on Sep 19, 2016

    Red...or orange...would make that corner pop!

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