Asked on Jun 29, 2012

in Whirlpool refridgerator ET8MHKXMQ03 where is the drain to clean out and how to take it apart to get at it no icemaker

Woodbridge Environmental


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  • All fridges have drains on the bottom of the inside compartment. However what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Is water forming on the floor surrounding the fridge, or is it sweating on outside? In the unit you have the drain for the evaporator which is behind the panel on the upper freezer compartment this is not a simple just open and clean. And its doubtful that its plugged. A evaporator pan is located under the fridge. open up the door on bottom and there should be a long air grill exposed across the bottom from side to side. Most simply pull straight out as they are held on by pressure clips on each end. The grill simply pushes back on once your done. Once the grill is off, there should be an exposed pan on the bottom, most for what ever reason are on the left side. Simply pull this pan out carefully and clean it. Running a vacuum will help a lot. As normally this is where all the dust, animal hair and things that go bump in the night end up. Once done replace the pan and replace the grill and you should be fine once again. Unless you dumped something within the box there should be no blockage on any interior drain. If water is collecting on outside of fridge or leaking out then the heater for the fridge may have stopped working. Quite often when this happens the freezer tends to ice up a lot.

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