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Asked on Apr 13, 2019

How to make closet space in bedrooms?

VimarhonorAnn|The  Apple Street CottageMorgan McBride


There's no closet space or storage space in bedroomss.diy closets or storage space

3 answers
  • Morgan McBride
    on Apr 14, 2019

    You can build a custom closet space onto a wall if you don't have an actual closet, using boards to create sides and dividers and rods to hang things on. We've done a few in the closet, but you could do it outside of the closet with the same system. https://www.charlestoncrafted.com/nursery-closet-system/

  • Vimarhonor
    on Apr 14, 2019

    Hello-I have the same issue very limited closet space and nowhere to store things.

    I recently changed my bedframe and bought an elevated steel bedframe that was some 14 inches tall to creativity allow for storage under it and replace the mattress on top of the frame eliminated the boxspring completely.

    It was a fabulous way to reclaim space in store items underneath the bed. It’s one solution that works for me -prior to that I was trying to use four bed elevators at the head and foot of the bed with space bags it was difficult to stuff them under the bed -and mattress plus box frame created a bed that was unnaturally too high.

    • Vimarhonor
      on Apr 18, 2019

      Agree Brittany -this bed frame makes me smile . Before the bed was far too tall with elevators plus the box spring. The height made the room look smaller and the bed cumbersome to climb in.

      I wish I knew about these frames years ago, I inadvertently found out about their existence looking at a Craigslist list post. Missed that CL purchase and got mine at Home Depot. Best if all its did accommodate my heavy cherry headboard.

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