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Marie yancey
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Asked on Apr 13, 2019

How do I clean my outside lanterns on my house?

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how do I clean my outside lanterns on my house without getting shocked?

4 answers
  • Eleni Mourtzakis
    on Apr 14, 2019

    Switch off youre main switch, if too high get on a ladder and clean with a damp cloth. Its the way I do them.

  • DesertRose
    on Apr 14, 2019

    The safest method is to shut off the power to those lights before you clean them. If you cannot find the right switch in the junction box, shut them all down. Do not ever take a chance on a shock. If you work quickly, it should not disrupt things in your house too much (like fridge, freezer etc)

  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Apr 14, 2019

    Turn of your electricity

  • Mik Grig
    on Apr 15, 2019

    1st turn off the electricity at the power box … then clean like u would anything else...or add some bleach w/ little dish soap (I use platniume dawn dish soap) mixed into a garden (green lawn care)'s the bottle that u can attach to ur garden hoes to wash windows or fertalise your lawn w.

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