Asked on Jul 1, 2012

How/Where do I find good used wood?

BuckKMS Woodworks3po3


I can find pallets, but how do people find other kinds of good reusable wood for future projects?
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  • 3po3
    on Jul 1, 2012

    Some people list scrap wood on Craigslist. Another option is construction sites, but you should always ask the construction managers.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jul 3, 2012

    habitat and resource type location are also good places. I second craig's list. When I was building my cabin I got some great deals on some windows...brand new wood clad window...for 20 buck...this would have been 200 if ordered new.

  • Buck
    on May 2, 2016

    Hi: I get pallets from a furniture store near me at times he has many of them, also try ware houses and stores like home depot or Walmart, ect.

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