Re-doing my bedroom, need help finding a sleep+study loft bed for a good price, any ideas?

I am 17 and i live in my childhood bedroom with mermaids and flowers on the walls, and its time for me to change all of that. I have a small room that's only 13'7"X9'9" and it is completely engulfed in furniture. so to give myself more space i have decided i wanted to buy/build a bed like the one on PBteen
it will give me so much more room for friends to come over and watch a movie and stuff and since i will be going to a university in 2 years i'll need a lot of space to work on projects. so the PBteen one is way way way out of my price range (I'm 17, i'm not made of money) does anyone know where i can either puchase one really cheap, or i can find a plan for it so i can build it myself? Thanks!! :)
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