My mattress story of woe

Just had to share, since I think this is as far as we can go on this. Last July we bought a latex memory foam mattress, for us big bucks, $1200 plus tax. Within 3 months I noticed I was sleeping in a dip and the middle was getting higher. (I am heavier than hubs)so we turned the mattress to the next degree. Well, after a few months I noticed the same thing happening, so I contacted the company that sold it to us. They had sold out to a big mattress company , so we had to send in pictures etc of the "depression" Well , we did not do it then because I had bypass surgery and it wasnt a priority. So this May we contacted the company, sent in pictures and measurements etc of the depression. Too bad , so sad, it was only 5/8th of a inch not 1 1/2. So I am asking the customer service lady the same thing I had asked the rep on the phone, if this is memory foam, why would you expect to see a big depression on the mattress? Of course it is going to pop back up. However the DENSITY from where I lay on it doesnt show, and I am sleeping in a trough! Too bad. So my story is , for me, get a much cheaper mattress, and buy a memory foam topper to put on top so you can change it when it starts failing. I am not a happty camper, but I have to wait til 1 1/2 inches! patooie.
Has anyone else had a similar experience, and did you get satisfaction? I got the "criterior" run around.
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