STEP I. Find yourself an old tire - preferrably w/o the rim!!
See all the crackling and crazing in the rubber?
Assemble all necessary cleaning products: Drink - yep! Bleach, all purpose cleaner, rubber gloves etc.
Have resident "handyman" aka my hunny pry off old rusty rim. He says "piece of cake - BIG screwdriver should pop this loose!!
Grrrrrrunt . . . . .prrrrry and whack!!!
OK, time for the big boy toys . . er tools!! Let's try a crowbar, that ought to do it! FINAL SCORE: Rusty Rim 1 - Hunny & Tools 0. Time for Plan "B"
STEP II: Paint entire tire - RIM INCLUDED in your choice of base color. Remember this pic - it made it's debut as a Plant Stand when I featured my Hydrangeas!! Surely this tire has a more prestigious future - remember the crazing?
My helper using nut picker to dig dirt out of treads. WHAT?? Just cuz it's a tire doesn't mean it should suffer w/unsightly treads!! Just wait . . . . . .
Well of course I painted the treads. I mean, just look @that pretty chevron design and besides . . . you didn't really think I'd pass up this tedious opportunity, DID YOU??
TA DA!!! ;~) The LEOPARD TIRE PLANTER - now you know WHY I was soooo obsessed w/the cracks & crazing. It just SCREAMED make me something really special!!!
STEP III: Prepping the planter. Styrofoam peanuts for drainage and no added weight like gravel would do!!
Add soil & plants. Hens & chicks plus the cutest lil cactus (cute, but it bites)
Dress it up with some pretty white granite gravel.
Perfect fit - right in the middle of our never used glass table on the deck - what a centerpiece!!
But . . . . . then I decided the front porch would be better if I didn't want to roast it so it ended up on an old milk-can!

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