Upcycling Wall Art Into Garden Art

2 Hours

I love to repurpose things (something I blame my mother for, lol). I especially love it when I can turn stuff into colorful garden art!
This project started with some unattractive wall art pieces that I bought at a thrift store for $3. These were popular in the 70's in all different shapes and sizes and they can also be found at garage sales all over the place. As soon as I saw them, I new what I wanted to turn them into!
The flowers are easily separated by using an "oscillating multifunction power tool" (it's a very cool versatile tool!). The most important step is to have a good helper. For this project, it was my super cute almost 2 year old grandson, Mason.
I used spray paint left over from other projects and spray painted the stems dark green and selected bright colors for the flowers (a great way to use up those almost empty cans!). Once dry, I spray painted the center and inside petals white. I also bent the inside petals a little bit so they would have more of a 3D effect.
One of the final products - nicely displayed in a mailbox planter with Snapdragons and Celosia in my vegetable garden (My mailbox gardening ideas coming soon!). Great pops of color to compliment all the green in a vegetable garden! Thank you for looking!

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