How do I clear debris from my front yard that has no grass only rocks?

I got a notice from our HOA today saying that our front yard is a mess. Now we just moved to Las Vegas from Charleston, SC and as all your Charlestonions know, pinestraw is used in every bit of landscaping. Well, I never gave it a second glance. Well our entire yard is rocks. Little red rocks to be exact. I hate them. I hate the yard. I, quite frankly, hate Vegas and the lack of grass, trees and rain. My question is, how do I get rid of the, what looks like pinestraw from the front yard without displacing the rocks. I thought a rake, but that would get the rocks in a tizzy, maybe a leaf blower? This is our first house (and we are renting it) we have always lived in apartments where the landscaping was done for us. I don't mean to sound stupid, but yardwork just isn't my forte, lawnmowing and weedwhacking is one thing, but actual yardwork is a whole other story!
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