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Asked 2 days ago

How to make an easy slip cover for this faux leather chair?

CrystalMichelle Meredith-JenningsVickymcreations


How to make a simple slip cover for this chair

q how to make an easy slip cover for this faux leather chair

7 answers
  • Brenda
    2 days ago

    Buy a SUREFIT and adjust.

  • Laura Cooper
    2 days ago

    I would drape the whole thing and then tie a ribbon around the back to hold it in place. I've seen dining chairs done this way.

  • Jeremy Hoffpauir
    2 days ago

    Purchasing a surefit is your best bet. This one may fit:

  • Vickymcreations

    this blog post is very detailed, explaining how to make a cover for a wing back chair - it has lots of hints and tips abut how to measure to create a cover which I think could be translated to this chair

  • Crystal

    Thank you ever so much! You are correct, the instructions could definitely relate to my style of chair. 🤗

  • The background of the photo looks like you're going for a farmhouse look and this chair would be so easy to slipcover, and would be so cute in a white denim or even cream paint tarp cover. Pattern making is easy. Use newspaper. Tape one piece to the back of the chair and trace and cut the newspaper so that it wraps around the sides of the seat back, using the piping as a guide. I would stop the chair back pattern piece at a height from the floor that is equivalent to the piping on the round seat area, if I were doing it. Then, use a second piece of newspaper to trace the round seat area, again using piping as a guide. A third piece of newspaper is used for the front of the seat back. Then, for everything from the seat piping down to the floor, including wrapping around the back, all you need is a tape measurer. Lay the 3 newspaper pieces you cut into patterns on a canvas drop cloth, and cut away, making sure to mark the pattern lines with chalk first (these will be "stitch here" lines), and making sure to cut at least 1/2 inch outside of your "stitch here" lines to create your seam allowance. Sew those 3 pieces together according to their stitch lines, and then cut a long, rectangular piece of the drop cloth that is in length at least 2x the circumference of the chair seat area, including around the back, and at least 1 1/2 inches wider than the measurement from floor to seat surface piping. Iron and sew your hem into the long edge of the fabric, then create and pin evenly spaced pleats into the length of the fabric until it's total length, with pleats is reduced to the circumference of the chair, plus 2". Use pins to keep your pleats in place. When you're satisfied with the placement and spacing of your pleats, use a spray bottle with vinegar to mist them and then dry the mist that you just sprayed onto the fabric with a hot iron. Vinegar sets pleats so that they don't come out, even in the wash. Then, attach your skirt to the round seat and seat back pieces you've already sewn together, and sew. Arrange the skirt when you pin it to the seat so that the skirt seam will fall to the back of the chair. Then, finally sew that last seam down the pleated skirt, turn the whole thing right side out, and slide it on the chair! Add extra cuteness by tying a ribbon around the circumference of the pleated skirt, towards the top of the pleats! Since it's armless, this would be an adoreable farmhouse vanity chair for a women's room or dressing area!

  • Crystal
    30 minutes ago

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you ever so much for the detailed slipcover instructions!

    Wow! You sound like you certainly have done this a few times before!🤗 Hopefully my attempt will be successful!!🤪👍🏼

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