Asked on Apr 15, 2019

Where do I start with packing?

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Over the year I have collected so many thing. Now we are thinking of moving. I am so overwhelmed with all the things I need to do, I feel lost in where to start first. I have bought boxes and packing material to start packing the things I love the most. But where should I put those boxes that I want to keep so they won't be in my way?

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  • Nan W.
    Nan W.
    on Apr 16, 2019

    Beverly: First you MUST go thru your stuff and do a cleanse! --- It'll feel great to get rid of stuff you don't use or need... and someone else, if donated, may love it!

    Follow this guide:

  • Shore grandmom
    Shore grandmom
    on Apr 16, 2019

    Take one thing at a time. Start in one room and go through everything in that room. Then move to the next one. Get rid of things you don't really want or use anymore. Put the boxes that you want to keep in that room that you've emptied. Stack them up in a corner, but keep in mind that when you're going to put your home on the market, you should put those boxes in storage.

  • Darlene DeVore
    Darlene DeVore
    on Apr 16, 2019

    Beverly, the last time I moved was not easy by any stretch of the imagination. I packed special things first. I prefer plastic tubs, but boxes work too. Move furniture in each room away from one wall. Pack each tub or box, label contents and which room it goes in. Then stack against the wall. Do this in 1 room at a time. Remove pictures etc from the walls, pack in 1 tub or box. Leave dresser contents in the drawers. Closets, I try to keep hanging items on hangers but if you want to pack them, leave enough room for the hangers and pack them in the top. When everything is packed and going into truck, remove draers, Mark the back

    of the drawers 1,2,3,4 etc from top to bottem. Take empty dresser, chest or what ever you may have to the truck then from bottem to top, replace the drawers. Make sure to wrap mirrors. I wrap with paper first than with a blanket. The main thing is to label contents and room tubs/boxes they need to go in. I hope this has helped you. Blessings in your new home.

    Darlene ...PS I do my kitchen last and always leave a partial roll of bathroom tissue for the next tennant. 😉

    • Rebecca Mason
      Rebecca Mason
      on Jan 19, 2020

      This is great advice. We moved last year and I’m still looking for things . I wish I would have done a better job labeling

  • Beverly Torgerson
    Beverly Torgerson
    on Apr 16, 2019

    Thanks to all for the sound advise. Now I will dedicate 5 hours each day to my clearing, organizing, packing and labeling each box. The place I deside to donate to will have an AWSOME time with all the treasures I donated. Thanks again.

  • Barb Eustaquio
    Barb Eustaquio
    on Oct 28, 2019

    Darlene your advise is righton spot. Thats the best advice I can think of.

  • LMJ
    on Jan 30, 2020

    When I moved out of state after 30 years in the same home, I started with getting rid of things I had collected over the years. I first asked friends and neighbors to choose things. (Don’t forget the plants. They can be difficult to transport and don’t travel well.) With encouragement, everybody chose at least one thing and was delighted with the gifts. My way of thanking them for being so special to me. And saying good-bye.

  • Deb K
    Deb K
    on Feb 9, 2020

    Hi Beverly, how about putting the boxes in a room against a wall, stacked on each other, clearly labelled as Fragile? You can clear a space to put all your Keep items once they are boxed, donate what you no longer want, and toss whatever is not donatable. Remember to start in one room and finish it, then you have a place to put your other "keep" boxes. Hope this helps you, good luck with your move.

  • Happy Days Hometalker
    Happy Days Hometalker
    on Apr 20, 2020

    We downsized after 30 years as well, I called up " Big Box Storage" (there are numerous companies of the same type out there, different names ) and filled one up, they picked it up & stored it for me at their facility, at the same time they deliver another Big Box, I ended up filing up 4 total, we had professional movers move all of our furniture of course after getting rid of about 1/2 of it. Fun stuff. Best of luck to you in your move. FYI, after we got settled, it was really nice not having so much "stuff " to maintain.

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