Asked on Apr 16, 2019

How do I paint my kitchen cabinets with chalk paint?

ShelleyGkCourtney |The Kitchen Garten


I am planning in painting my orange oak kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. I will keep the doors on, as hardware is not exposed.Here are my questions:What kind of brushes are best?What finish is best after paint?Small rollar or brush to paint front of cabinets?Do I paint the inside of cabinets?Any tips would be most welcomed

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  • We used a clear wax coat when we finished ours, and I did paint the inside of the cabinets. even though it was more work. Every time I open them I'm glad i did.

  • Gk
    on Apr 16, 2019

    I like Purdy and Wooster brushes. Wooster makes a brush with a short handle for about $6.00. I buy them at Home Depot. When you clean them well after each use they last for a long time. If you are using chalk paint on kitchen cabinets I would finish with several coats of poly rather than wax. The poly will be more durable over the long run and will wash up better. I did not paint the inside of my cabinet boxes except the cabinet that I took the doors off for a open look. You can paint the insides however--it does look nice. I did use vinyl floor squares on the shelves in my kitchen cabinets. Easy to clean. I did paint both sides of the doors. It is better to take off the doors to paint them as you will need several coats and some good drying/curing time so they don't stick to the face of your cabinet frame when you close them.

    • Betsy Jennings
      on Apr 18, 2019

      Thanks!!! I don't want to take the doors off because of the additional work and having the screw that back on.

  • Shelley
    on Apr 17, 2019

    Heirloom Traditions Paint is an all-in-one chalk paint people are using for cabinets. it has a Built in Bonding Primer, wax and top coat.

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