Asked on Apr 16, 2019

How do I create access to my attic?

Nancy HenryKathy Gunter LawJanice


Bought an old farmhouse built in 1915. Prev owners "remodeled" (read: took away character 😕 😠 ). They took away access to a cute, finished attic room! No room for an attic ladder or full staircase, and spiral stairs are not an option. I have roughly 33"×40"×120" to opening. I'm thinking a cross between a ladder and stairs ..... like a tiny house? Suggestions????

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  • Get an architect, structural engineer or at least a contractor out for an inspection to see what can be done. No matter what you choose, it needs a building permit and inspections. So happy you are trying to fix up a piece of history! Old houses have their challenges, but so worth it.

  • Janice
    on Apr 16, 2019

    Check to see if pull down attic stairs will fit the dimensions.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Apr 16, 2019

    You can install an attic ladder in an opening that is 18" x 24" or larger so if your issue with room is the lower area, you could have a permanent stair case that opens into an attic ladder type space but has a small landing and turn so that it won't take as much floor space.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Apr 16, 2019

    One other option, have you considered an exterior access? Thinking about over the garage room which is accessed by an exterior set of stairs that run along side the exterior wall.

  • Nancy Henry
    on Apr 17, 2019

    No place for exterior access without major structural changes.

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