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Asked on Apr 18, 2019

How to do pea gravel backyard for dog?

OlivaSharonNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CA


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  • Use a tumbled gravel so it it gets in between their toes, that it doesn't cut or hurt them. First you lay good quality landscape fabric. Then a couple inches of gravel. I highly recommend purchasing from a landscape or builders supply house. Much less expensive than purchasing over priced bags at hardware and home improvement centers. Have the exact measurements of the area to be covered and they will calculate how much to purchase. I purchased mine in bulk. They delivered and dumped in my driveway and then we used wheelbarrows to move to the desired locations. When I did mine, it was cheap, $28 a ton and a nominal delivery charge. Add in stepping stone paths too so it looks pretty. Dogs also need shade and protection from sun and rain and a soft spot to lay down.

  • Sharon
    on Apr 18, 2019

    Dear Naomie, Bailey and Daisy

    Thank you very much. Your answer is exactly what I was told to do.

    Already have a small area that I pea graveled and my guys have no problem. I put fake grass mat down for them to lay down on., which they use.

    Thank you for confirming how to do this project. FYI, Prior to fabric ,

    I used a vinegar weed killer to prevent weeds from sticking thru gravel

  • Oliva
    on Apr 18, 2019

    Your dog will most likely kick up pea gravel, as it's veey light weight. I can't imagine cleaning up after your dog in a pea gravel area would be very easily accomplished.

    There are now liquids available to spray on mulch and pea gravel to keep it in place, available at better hardware stores.

    • Columbia GB
      on Apr 27, 2019

      Actually, this is extremely easy to maintain. Pickup is no problem and the whole area can be regularly sprayed with vinegar solution to keep urine smells in check.

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