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Asked on Apr 19, 2019

What can I use for mulch?

KatLibbie BPjo26908388


What can I use for mulch, everyone in the neighborhood that bought mulch from retail stores have earwigs now. We’ve didn’t have them 5years ago, now they are everywhere. Would like to put something around my plants to keep down weeds and hold in moisture. Please help.

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  • Mogie
    on Apr 19, 2019

    Free range chickens will take care of that problem. Earwigs are bugs and chicken love to munch on bugs.

  • Dfm
    on Apr 19, 2019

    News paper can work, or shredded paper...moisten both with water and put arround plants.

  • Wilma
    on Apr 19, 2019

    Pine straw, Lowe’s & Home Depot

  • Pjo26908388
    on Apr 19, 2019

    Arborists that cut trees will bring loads of mulch and that will avoid the big box store thing. Loads are free and it break down nicely.

    Find nd this derive on craigslist Toby googling local tree trimming businesses. Some have online sign ups.

    Earwigs may may or may not have come from the store mulch. Bugs and insect populations shift with weather, sources of food and predators. Make your yard bird friendly and they will have delicious snacks.

    Something about earwigs is especially creepy! The pinchy back end? They always sneak into my peonies.

  • Libbie B
    on Apr 20, 2019

    It's crazy where they turn up at! I used mulch from a local nursery rather than the big box stores.

  • Kat
    on Apr 21, 2019

    I don't know how big of an area you are dealing with, but when we had them I heard to pour soy sauce in a shallow dish. It worked. And I put dishes in my yard around where my children played.

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