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Asked on Apr 19, 2019

How to keep brick from crumbling?



I have a brick mail box, the brick is crumbeling and layers are falling off. Is there anything I can put on the brick to patch the ones that have started to flake apart? Can I spray a sealent on the brick to keep the brick from falling apart?

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  • Rose
    on Apr 19, 2019

    The same thing is happening to our chimney. We had a brick mason take a look at it and he said between the moisture from weather and heat from the fireplace has caused the bricks and the mortar to start disintegrate. He said we could try putting a spray dealer on it which would hold it for a short while but the only way to fix it properly is to test it down and start over. If I were you, I would try a sealant first. I'm pretty positive we are going to have our chimney taken down this spring before large chunks start coming down. Good luck!

    • Oliva
      on Apr 25, 2019

      Hi, Rose,

      Did your chimney person provide photos? Is your liner in need of replacement? Clay liners last on average, 50 years. Stainless steel liners last about 20. Your chimney's crown wash may also need torn down and rebuilt to keep water away from the bricks and mortar. Some companies not spray a water repellent (not a waterproofing) on the chimney bricks.

      If you've changed your furnace to a high efficiency model, you have much less heat entering the chimney to keep the bricks dry, which can also result in spalling.

  • Redcatcec
    on Apr 19, 2019

    Hi Deb,

    We had the same problem as Rose, the brick side of our house that received the rough weather was crumbling along with the fireplace. We were under the impression that bricks would last forever, we were sure wrong. The hot and cold compromised the bricks and mortar, water seeped in and did further damage. There is a technique which is called pointing the bricks, but we opted to put siding up and remove the fireplace from the roof up.

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