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Asked on Apr 19, 2019

How to plan an usable herb garden in Oklahoma heat?

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What is a efficient way to establish a usable herb garden in hot dry windy summers. I prefer preinnuals, and medical usages, color, etc.?

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  • Oliva
    on Apr 19, 2019

    Install a shade sail or floating shade covers above the planting zone. Using a soaker hose on a timer, as well as planting under black plastic or adequate mulch atop will minimize moisture loss. Be sure to poke holes in the plastic to release excessive heat.

    Planting artemesia, marigolds, chives, sage, rosemary, lavender, yarrow will provide color and insurance against insect damage. Cosmos, lantana, echinacea will withstand heat and provide color. Nasturtiums planted away from the garden will attract beneficial insects. Borage is very much enjoyed by honeybees, bumblebees.

    A nearby butterfly weed or butterfly bush will be a welcome addition.

  • Okie
    on Apr 20, 2019


    Thank you so much awesome ideas and exactly what I was looking for.

    God Bless< Okie

  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Apr 20, 2019

    I live in Arizona low desert and have full Perennial garden,Herbs,Flowers. The key to starting here is to do it really early in the year,thru out the winter/fall months, before the sun gets so intense it burns everything .You have cold weather/freeze so you need to plant in fall before ground freezes,plants will be accustomed to sun by the time it gets in full swing. No shade cloths or your plants will not produce alot of blooms- no blooms no seeds(many medicinals use the seeds as much as rest of plant) plus you'll want to collect the seeds for more plants or even sharing/selling.No black plastic for sure that drives temps up and roots cannot breathe in the red clay you have. The best way to start for now is prepping your soil for this fall when you want to plant. Start mixing all this into your red dirt---top soil,good organic compost(leaves;animal poop-goat,chicken,horse,llama;crushed egg shells(don't wash them);clean bagged organic compost;used coffee grinds;and red worms as many as you can get(either little red wigglers or lrg fising worms or both)mix all the stuff in the ground really well then in 1 month add the worms.let all this good stuff just set in the hot sun all summer watering and gently turning it every week-but don't kill your worms.Then when fall arrives begin planting what you want.Get yourself a great book on herbal plants to determine which you think you need/want, it should list planting, caring and uses of all the parts of plants.I use no mulch;no chemicals; old fashioned metal sprinklers that provides a good deep soak early each morning in summer heat;Live Lady bugs,Praying Mantis Egg cases,Green Lacewings,& Nematodes in soil for pest control;hand pull what few weeds and excessive flowers I do not want that pop up. I have year round flowers from Annuals,Herbs,Perennials,Biennials,Bulbs,Tubers & Corms,Roses,Citrus trees,Cacti,Succulents & more.One comment true White Yarrow is the best for herbal,insect use and it, as all Yarrow, is very invasive.Rosemary may not tolerate your freezing temps. & Lavender depending on variety is hard to grow in intense heat/sun unless well established.

  • Okie
    on Apr 20, 2019

    Thanks Lynn!

    I will definitely use many of these suggestions. Thanks for sharing.


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