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How would you decorate around bathroom mirror?

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One sink 63"bathroom countertop has a 40" oil rubbed bronze framed mirror. Looking for ideas to dress up the area around mirror (kinda like farmhouse styles- basically not interested in modern, too fancy type looks). Thanks!

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  • Dwp7470b
    on Apr 20, 2019

    The best way to make Brass look classy is

    A. More brass.

    B. Wood. Stained Very Dark.

    For either resource, an Etched Frame around the Brass is going to make it pop.

    With Brass or Wood This is easier than most think.

    But the way you use the Stencil differs for Brass.

    In fact, in Commercial and Industrial appliquè the reason why Brass and Wood often pair up on a design is to reduce the Waste you get from not pairing up appliquès.

    1. Make cardboard applicquè patterns by tracing: cookie cutters, Adult Coloring books, anything else you can get your hands on or even a few paint by numbers kits.

    2. You ideally want to cover the cardboard before cut, with something strong and sandpaper resistant like: Duct Tape. So you may need a Stencil knife to cut these.

    3. Because With Brass, as you Scratch it in one Direction Slowly with Sandpaper, outside of the Design Area to dull the frame in Regions, (rather than dull inside the design as you may see with etched glass or stained wood) you aren't making ordinary Stencils (as you would with Glass, Stainless Steel, Wood or Many other Metal Resources) where the border is important. Instead, you need to cut out the Shape Part (Cookie) to prevent the Sandpaper from Scratching that Design, because the design only sparkles around the Dull.

    4. After making the design, adhere the stencils with a gummy glue where you want high luster.

    5. Scratch it in one Direction Slowly with Sandpaper, around the Stencils.

    6. Cleanse it to prevent speckling in the design.

    7. Peel off the stencils and pull off the glue.

    8. If any glue remains, get that off gently with paint remover or rubbing alcohol.

    Of course,

    A. for less deep scratches, you use a more fine sandpaper or even the not sticky side of Masking Tape

    B. It is best to practice on very thin plated Brass or Glass before you start on the actual finished product.

  • Maybe would be cool to hang a plant that trails and as the vines grow, wrap the vines down around the mirror. I love golden pothos for stuff like this (I am working on getting the vines to go around this big picture)

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