Asked on Apr 20, 2019

How to hide a cement patch and pvc pipes in my bathroom?

Lynn SorrellCheryl ARedcatcec


I have a huge cement patch and pvc pipes seen in my bathroom after recent repair....can these be painted?any other option to make it look better

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  • Redcatcec
    on Apr 20, 2019

    Hi Payal,

    Can you repost with a picture so you can get the best suggestions?

  • Cheryl A
    on Apr 20, 2019


    You can paint the pipes and the cement - but just wondering, if someone was hired to do this job for you shouldn't they be contacted and asked to do something about them?

    • Lynn Sorrell
      on Apr 20, 2019

      Plumbers will tear it out and fix it but any remodeling finishing of walls needs contracted to someone who is in that trade.At least he closed the wall :)

  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Apr 20, 2019

    Yes you can paint both. Cement paint on cement or you can use Zinsser or Kilz(primers) on it if the room is white; you can try the Zinsser or Kilz on PVC but may not stick unless you wipe it down with rubbing alcohol first and if it won't stick you'll need to use oil based paint or spray paint it because it's not pourous. This is world wide site so I'm never sure if someone even has access to the brands mentioned because not availible everywhere.

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