How do I collect rain for use around the house without paying $100?


How do I collect rain for use around the house without paying $100 for each rain barrel? I don't feel to great about using plastic that boils in the SC sun, but if I did, can you boil the water to remove any leeched plastics?

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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Apr 21, 2019

    Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius).

    Most plastics will not melt even at this temperature, so you do not have to worry about this in SC.


  • Ahilly Ahilly on Apr 21, 2019

    I have a Rubbermaid garbage can with wheels that I use to collect rainwater from my gutters. I’m in PA so don’t have the issues with the sun but I would use heavy duty aluminum foil and wrap the container with foil to reduce the temperature of the water to prevent leeching. (Boiling the water will not remove the leeching plastics.) You can also get several car foil type sun windshield screens to use instead of al. foil, since they are thicker and might work better. Al. foil can be used on your house windows to keep the heat out also. (Or in winter to keep the cold out). If you have any ceramic or glass containers available for collection, the water would be safest to drink, even if boiled by the sun. I use fiberglass screen over my water can to keep debris and bugs out. Hope this helps!

  • Rosy Rosy on Apr 21, 2019

    Your water is not going to boil. I live in Phoenix temp here gets 115 and higher and collected water doesn't boil. If you think the water is to hot move your collection container in the shade.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 21, 2019

    Are you planning on drinking it?? watering edible garden with it?? If you have to consume the water in your barrels treat it, there are many ways to do that. you can even treat sea water & drink it. You need to look online more there are many options EBAY alone has so many as does Craigslist for these barrels are about $15-40. However, you need to ensure you are purchasing the right kind of barrel. It must be food grade,they don't leach anything. Food grade barrels are typically blue or white. Black barrels are typically used for chemicals. After you’ve determined that it is food grade & depending on what was stored in it depends on whether you should store potable/drinking water. Some of the best barrels are those that are food grade and have been used to store dry food. Even better, ones that store dry food and had a liner in place while they were used. After you’ve filled up your barrel, about 2.5 tablespoons of bleach will keep the water sanitary. use these steps to clean and sanitize water storage containers:

    1. Wash the storage container and rinse completely with water.
    2. Sanitize the container with a solution made by mixing 1 teaspoon of unscented liquid household chlorine bleach in one quart of water.
    3. Cover the container tightly(if smaller) and shake/stir it well. Make sure the sanitizing bleach solution touches all inside surfaces of the container lid too.
    4. Wait at least 30 seconds and then pour the sanitizing solution out of the container.
    5. Let the empty sanitized container air-dry before use OR rinse the empty container with clean, safe water that is available already.
    6. Pour clean water into the sanitized container and cover with a tight lid.

    when I was kid we lived on island in Asia after Typhoons always had water in barrels that we treated to drink & used for everything until main water source was up & running again. If you aren't consuming it it doesn't matter if it's food safe.Bathing in it?? do the bleach treatment to kill bacteria.

  • Lisa Lisa on Apr 21, 2019

    Thanks for your answer so much!

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