How do I finish my patio?


I started to do a patio to cover up a big mess in the back of our house! I am truly stumped now after laying 80 some 16 x 16 stones and now dont know what to do to finish it???? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Apr 21, 2019

    Candy I am truly impressed...looks great..what is wrong?

  • Candy DiMaggio Candy DiMaggio on Apr 21, 2019

    Im just not sure how to finish it off?? The area around the stone?

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Apr 21, 2019

    It looks really good. Keep going. When you get the blocks completely laid out find a different material to finish off the area (sort of framing) add some furniture and it will be beautiful.

  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Apr 21, 2019

    Wow it looks beautiful! Do you mean decorative touches to finish it? What about stone pavers leading from this patio to other areas of interest in your yard. Or to a side door? Get yourself a swing or patio lounger or some patio furniture. Use colorful outdoor pillows with the furniture. Put a few bushes surrounding the patio for landscaping design. Get some outdoor patio lights lining the house. Just some ideas if I understood your question correctly. Or were you asking about finishing the edges of the stone pavers with an edging stone?

  • William William on Apr 21, 2019

    It does look good. Actually the patio blocks should have been installed at ground level for a smooth transition and prevent a step up or trip hazard. I realize you needed to match them with the height of the concrete slab. Finish laying the patio blocks if you plan to. Use paver blocks around the perimeter of the concrete slab and patio blocks to tie both together.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 21, 2019

    It looks like your yard slopes away from patio area/pavers I really recommend adding some type of edging to hold the pavers/soil in place; metal would be best to keep it all in place like these it's really nice,you did a great job,it is really hard work(I know I did landscaping/garden design/install for 22yrs.)--definitely need edging so all your hard work is kept in tact.Then decorate to hearts content..I personally would not obstruct the flow/view from patio out to yard keep the clean open lines... just add a few huge pots sitting in grass(not directly on patio pavers) by the posts with some beautifully colored mixed flowers to draw in some Butterflies,Hummingbirds,Bees(yes need them) and maybe a nice small fountain for some soothing sounds while you are enjoying your beautiful new can get plastic edging too it works well just really depends the climate you live in plastic better for wetter humid areas metal better for dry hot conditions.Check into some LED strip lighting for roof line around patio it comes indoor /outdoor multi colored or bright white or amber and with remotes & dimmers to adjust for brightness. if later you get paper wasps under ceiling you might want to paint it blue then they will not make nests there.

  • Karen Karen on Apr 21, 2019

    They make cement stains.

  • Candy DiMaggio Candy DiMaggio on Apr 22, 2019

    Karen thanks a bunch! We actually are going to be putting up a barn red colored tin ceiling and will screen it in to keep bugs and mosquitos out! We are thinking of edging it with 2 x 4’s to keep it all in place. Love your ideas about plants/pots to help warm the look and draw in nature. Cant wait to get going with it. We are waiting for ceiling material to get in! Then its get busy time!!! Thanks!!

  • William William on Apr 22, 2019

    Make sure you use pressure treated 2X4's. Made to last with direct ground contact.

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