Asked on Apr 23, 2019

How I can utilize as much space as possible in a walk in closet?

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I am getting ready this summer to renovate my bedroom in which I will be making a walk in closent I have a small house and every bit of space counts I want lots of hanging space but also need shelving and storage for out of season clothing as well as linen. Any ideas would be great thanks

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  • Visit a closet showroom store or section in a big box home improvement center. Learn what is available and then choose what is right for your items.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Apr 23, 2019

    Switch to thin flocked hangers.

    Add a second rod or utilize cascading hangers.

    Mine is thin so I have double rods on one end and down the side with a single rod for dresses on the last 6 feet. Then added shelving floor to near ceiling on the wall opposite. The size and shape of the closet will dictate what your design should be.

  • Go up in terms of storage, and we got a closet system that allowed us to hang two levels of clothing (like shirts and pants) instead of just one. It was only about $100 at Home Depot. Ikea also has some amazing systems that give great use of space!!

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Apr 24, 2019

    Dinensions: 2’ deep for clothes, 3’ aisle. Use a double-loaded aisle configuration, to maximize your efficiency. That’s 2+3+2’ wide.

    You can’t flat stud the walls that hold up the rods & shelves, sorry, too much load.

    Go vertical:

    Punch an attic access hole in the ceiling and build a hatch with weather stripping. It should be at least 20”x30” per Code. So you may have to cut a ceiling joist and frame the opening back in.

    If you’ve room for a pull down attic stair, have some one help you frame the required opening and then put in 5/8” plywood sheeting in the attic above your closet. The wood ones are very affordable.

    Or if you’ve a decent framer, demo the ceiling joists above the closet and frame in a new ceiling in the attic space. Then you can have 3 tiere of clothes rods and shelves.

    Or put a floor hatch under the closet carpet and have a secret place for those security-needed items.

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