Asked on Apr 24, 2019

Do baking soda sock shoe deodorizers work?

Kathy Gunter LawCourtney |The Kitchen GartenBetsy


I have one of those lazy hubbys that seems to ALWAYS forget to sprinkle foot powder into his shoes (unless I let him leave it sitting on the end table next to his recliner.....ummmm….NO....ain't happening.) SOOOO….my question. I've thought about making up some of those socks filled with baking soda that he can just insert into each shoe when he takes them off. #1: anyone else do this? And if so....does it seem to work?? And....#2: Any ideas on a cute idea on how to store them next to his recliner so that it doesn't look like just a STUPID stuffed pair of socks laying on the floor next to the chair??? of those with a really, really lazy hubby when he gets home from work!!! GRRRR!!!!Thanks a mil for any and all thoughts and feedback!!!! HUGS!!!!

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