How do I remodel my small kitchen that is open to my living room?


well i have a older small trailer & i want to redo it all, but for now I’d like to do my kitchen. & it is opened to my living room so it would have to some what blend. U’ll have to over look the mess & the color because we just have got the power on & would love some ideas on how to make it beautiful but not fancy.

q remodel my small kitchen that is open to living room

Front door to the left.

q remodel my small kitchen that is open to living room
q remodel my small kitchen that is open to living room
q remodel my small kitchen that is open to living room
q remodel my small kitchen that is open to living room

The living room.

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  • Debi53 Debi53 on Apr 30, 2019

    Paint is your best friend for a budget remodel. Your room seems very dark: dark walls, dark ceiling, dark furniture, carpet, and cabinets. My suggestion is to lighten up everything you can. If you like gray, choose a much much lighter version on walls. Then go white, pale cream, or a shade of gray slightly lighter or darker than your walls on your cabinets. Paint your ceiling the same shade of paint as your walls. This will make the walls look taller because you won't have the break in color from walls to ceiling. Your curtains are pretty so use the yellows in them as your accent colors in both living room and kitchen. In the kitchen use pale and dark yellow bowls, canisters, etc. In the living room, use yellow pillows, candles, etc. In the kitchen, use white or natural baskets to contain things on top of the fridge. Use matching decorative containers on top of the Hoosier cabinet. Inside your cabinets use organizers to stack items and get the most use of space. Many of these can be purchased at Walmart, but here is an Amazon link. These can really help your cabinets hold much more than you think.

    Also, purge any dishes, pots, or bowls that you don't use daily.

  • BBB BBB on Apr 30, 2019

    Paint as Debi53 said. Use a light can even paint your fridge or put contact paper on it to give it some interest and cover any rust. Declutter and then you can put covers on your sofa that will make it all look lighter and brighter. Sometimes it's easier to get a fresh look at things when you have an open space to work with. Good luck and post pics when you are done.

  • LK LK on Apr 30, 2019

    I actually like the dark gray kitchen cabinets and I would paint their fridge and the wooden hutch in a similar color. Looks like the walls in the kitchen the hallway and the living room may all be different colors so as the others have said above, pick perhaps a lighter shade of gray to make it all the same. Let outdoor light come through in that window above the air-conditioner. Lastly, I would remove the mirror that is reflecting the image of the kitchen.

  • Donna Donna on Apr 30, 2019

    Really great ideas!

    Maybe a white shade or a natural blind above the a.c. unit to tie in with baskets for storage. The more simplified your storage system looks, the less cluttered it looks. Good luck; would also like to see your post when finished!

  • Grace Gleason Grace Gleason on Apr 30, 2019

    No one mentioned replacing the dinky upper cabinets with open shelving. You should since there aren't nearly enough & open shelving is much more economical than cabinets. Get some counter tops from IKEA. And what is that black thing in the corner of the kitchen? Also, think about replacing those 2 stacked cabinets with a piece of furniture when you have the cash. In the meantime, paint 'em. YES to the lighter colors & painting the ceiling the same color. White ceilings are ugly. The mirror will be fine when the kitchen is fixed. Go for it, girl! Always remember, you will LOVE it some day.

  • Lilblond Lilblond on Apr 30, 2019

    My kitchen is small and opens toy living room also. My living room walls are a light gray. My bottom cabinets are a dark gray. I took down my upper cabinets and replaced them with floating shelves. It opens up the kitchen and I love the openness.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Apr 30, 2019

    In order to both unify the space and make it seem bigger, you're going to need to make a few personal style decisions. It will be about color. The kitchen ceiling is dark brown and there are beams running across it. Find the one that 'separates' the kitchen from the living space and paint the ceiling between the kitchen beams in a white satin (easier to clean). Now, decide on a color set (no more than 3) that are fairly monochromatic (same type of color - blues, grays, whites, yellows - like that) and start playing with what would look best on the cabinets and back splash/wall and as accents. Personally, I like a little shine on my cabinets - so go for a satin or semi-gloss when you choose the paint color for them. (Also paint that wood-tone cabinet on the wall if it is considered a kitchen piece). There are TONS of treatments for back splash/walls that you can use. Just make sure they're waterproof and caulked around the seams. To help define the space and add a bit more storage (if there aren't a lot of tall people that live there), you can also run a shelf or small drop cabinet across the ceiling in the area where the clock is hanging. Finally, bring in some nice hardware for your cabinet doors and drawers. It will really pull everything together. Best of luck!

  • Pam Miller Pam Miller on Apr 30, 2019

    I would prime the kitchen area walls first especially the green one which will cover the green and keep it from bleeding through, then paint those walls by the sink area a bright yellow to add color to the room. Perhaps you could do just a little white valance in the AC window or shade to let some daylight in. Adding some yellow and white would brighten the room and tie in with your curtains. You don't say if this is a rental or how much of a budget you have so this is where I would start. Also, try to put away as much as you can out of sight as clutter makes rooms seem smaller. Good luck!

  • Dona Dona on Apr 30, 2019

    I agree with the previous responses, paint is your friend. Lighter paint on the walls open up the space. You can get several color samples from Ace, Menards, Home Depot. Take your curtains/drapes in to the store and use that as your color scheme. That is a nice print. Paint several spots to pick your favorite in different lighting conditions, (am and pm) If you can choose from those colors. I'd paint the cabinets a light shade, of cream to blend in. I'd paint the celing as well. Is that black item in the corner covering a window over the sink? I didn't see a sink in your kitchen. If you can find another drape with the same design, cut it down to make a curtain for over the sink, and use the extra fabric for pillows. Get a grey or cream slip cover for the couch/chair. If you can't find one to match, a sheet will work, but you have to tuck it to fit. (depending on the couch size). I would also look for a type of track lighting for the kitchen ceiling. That way you can direct the light where you want it. You can also purchase under the cabinet lighting in a tape form (LED) which isn't too hard to install for under the cabinets, or use LED battery operated puck lights. I've installed puck lights inside my bottom corner cabinets for my lazy susan. It's easier to see the items tucked inside. If you need privacy for the airconditioner window, purchase the plastic for ceiling tiles (they are sold by the lighting fixtures in big box stores) and carefully cut them to size. I did this for our garage windows, or use frosted contact paper. Most of all take your time and think how you will be using your kitchen space. Good luck and keep us updated.

  • tear off the countertops throughout, and the current backsplash treatment. Use white bead board for the entire wall where back splash was removed, paint ceilings white throughout, and choose a Carrera marble or light butcher block looking counter top. Add the shaker trim that is on the lower cabinets to the upper cabinets and paint. Make new cabinet doors where doors are missing. Build an open-face box, paint it to match cabinetry, and mount it to the underside of the upper cabinets where the microwave currently is, to raise microwave off of counter and give you more counter space. Remove the top cabinet from the light wood hutch and mount it to the wall where the furniture piece currently is, to treat the upper portion like built in cabinets, and create more counter space on the lower portion by painting the lower portion of the hutch to mimic the kitchen cabinetry and installing new countertop on it as well. Turn the island 90 degrees and place bar stools on the livingroom side to make your eating area, since space is too limited to add a kitchen table. I like the color of the cabinetry as is, and believe that the white bead board back splash, white ceiling, and light colored counter tops would lighten the room enough to keep the cabinetry the color it is. Remove the light fixture over the sink and spray paint it a tarnish silver color, then add a wire basket as a shade to give it more industrial farmhouse look.

  • Alradborn Alradborn on May 05, 2019

    The area where the upper cabinet and counter are next to front door, there might be a way to make a wall using plywood or lattice from the counter to ceiling. That way you have storage options on both sides (entryway side with hooks or shelves). The kitchen side more shelving maybe. Plus it doesn't take away space, but helps define and separate rooms.

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